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Immunomodulatory potential of probiotics oraly delivered with β- LG to Balb/C mice

Two commercial probiotics preparations were analysed regarding the possibility to induce different T cells population. Determining CD4+, CD4+CD8+ and CD8+ expression (Tab.1) one was subjected to further experiments and delivered it together with milk allergen β-LG to Balb/C mice. 14, 21, 28 and 35d from the beginning of experiments specific serum IgG&IgA, sIgA and copro-IgA were checked. We found significant decrease of humoral response in group fed with β-LG with probiotic compared to group with β-LG only, the same time increase specific copro-IgA by 35 days of experiments was observed (Fig. 1). Flow cytometry analysis of T cells subsets show significant decreased in percentage of CD8+ population in head and neck lymph nodes (HNLN) and spleen (SPL) when probiotic was delivered. In Peyer's Patches elevated number of CD4+CD8+ and CD8+ T cell subsets was observed in the same group. During in vitro studies lymphocytes isolated from group β-LG+probiotic show significant increased CD8+, CD8+CD4+ compare to B-LG group. Results show that probiotics has potential to modulate immune answer to food allergens.

Table 1
Figure 1
figure 1

Specific antibodies titer


The project was funded by the National Science Centre, decision DEC-2011/01/B/NZ9/02727.

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