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Immediate anaphylaxis after the ingestion of fig fruit (Ficus carica)

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Clinical and Translational Allergy20155 (Suppl 3) :P167

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  • Ocular Symptom
  • Double Blind Placebo
  • Severe Abdominal Pain
  • Tropical Fruit
  • Rubber Latex


Ficus carica is a species of flowering plant in the genus Ficus, from the family Moraceae, known as the common fig. Allergic anaphylactic reactions to fig fruit are scarcely reported.


A 50 year-old female experienced an episode of respiratory nasal and ocular symptoms (rhinoconjuntivitis) and severe abdominal pain immediately after the ingestion of a fig fruit. No bronchial symptoms were associated.


Diagnostic work-up showed a positive prick-prick with both fresh raw and dried fig fruit with a total serum IgE of 312 UI/L and a significant serum specific IgE to fig fruit. Co-sensitization to rubber latex and tropical fruits and cross-reactivity between Ficus benjamina latex, was also studied and a distinctive serum molecular allergy diagnostic profile (ISAC®) was obtained. The patient did not consent to undergo a double blind placebo controlled challenge to fig fruit.


Herein we present the case of an IgE-mediated allergic anaphylactic reaction to fig fruit showing no cross-reactivity to rubber latex allergens.


Authors’ Affiliations

Allergy Department, Hospital Del Torax, Santa Cruz De Tenerife, Spain