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A case of food protein-induced enterocolitis syndrome to mushrooms challenging currently used diagnostic criteria

  • Séverine Serafini1,
  • Marcel Bergmann1,
  • Philippe Eigenmann1 and
  • Jean-Christoph Caubet1
Clinical and Translational Allergy20155(Suppl 3):P162

Published: 30 March 2015


Public HealthClinical PracticeSolid FoodClinical Diagnostic CriterionEnterocolitis Syndrome

We present a case report of food protein-induced enterocolitis (FPIES) to mushrooms and highlight the caveats of diagnosing acute FPIES in clinical practice, particularly in older children and when solid foods are involved. The current clinical diagnostic criteria need to be revised based on the recent evidence to avoid under-diagnosis of FPIES.

Authors’ Affiliations

Department of Child and Adolescent, Pediatric Allergy Unit, University Hospitals of Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland


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