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The result of desensitization of children with severe Ig-E mediated cow’s milk allergy


Our aim is to demonstrate the success of desensitization in children with severe Ig-E mediated cow's milk allergy.

Materials and methods

10 children from 6 to 10 year of age were desensitize by introducing increasing doses of cow milk (CM) till 200 ml or the highest tolerated quality for approximally 6 months. Ig-E mediated cow’s milk allergy was convinced by skin prick test and/or specific IgE. Double – blind placebo controlled food challenge has confirmed the diagnosis. All children were observed on the first and the third months after concluding the desensitization.


Eight of the children (80%) successfully achieved the amount of 200 ml of CM daily in six months, with no adverse reactions. One of the children (10%) tolerated 32 ml and another one (10%) reached to 128 ml. All children did not present any symptoms, taking whole CM even on the third month.


We successfully desensitized 8 of 10 children and induced tolerance to a smaller amount of CM in another 2. The protocol is well tolerated and results are reliable.

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Novakova, S., Novakov, I. & Joncheva, M. The result of desensitization of children with severe Ig-E mediated cow’s milk allergy. Clin Transl Allergy 1 (Suppl 1), P106 (2011).

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