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Table 4 US and UK Pricing of Itraconazole

From: The role of antifungals in the management of patients with severe asthma

Generic name Brand name Assumed dosing regimen Cost of 6 months treatment
Itraconazole Generic 200 mg twice-daily 5418 198
  Sporanox 20,547 869
  1. Sources: RedBook Online, accessed Jan 2020 [94]; MIMS Online, accessed Jan 2020 [95], Akuthota and Weller 2018 [96]
  2. The US price is the wholesale acquisition cost (WAC), which is the manufacturer's list price for a product when sold to wholesalers. The WAC may not represent actual transaction prices and does not include discounts or rebates. Assumption: Exchange rate of £1:$1.30ab