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Table 1 DBPCFC recipes for challenge drinks, including content of fermentable carbohydrates

From: Milk- and wheat protein drinks for double blind placebo controlled food challenge in adults: a simple tool for diagnosis

Ingredient Active drink (g) Placebo drink (g) FOS active (g) GOS active (g) FOS placebo (g) GOS placebo (g)
Wheat recipes
 Coconut drinka 225 225
 Drinking chocolate powderb 12 13.5
 Heat treated flourc 25   0.38 0.15
 Gluten-free mixd   17
 Vanilla sugar 3 3.5
 Energy (kcal) 197 169     
Milk recipes
 Coconut drinka 100 200
 Drinking chocolate powderb 20 20
 Lactose free skimmed milk 100  
 Vanilla sugar 3 3
 Energy (kcal) 142 132     
  1. g gram, FOS fructo-oligo saccharides, GOS galacto-oligo saccharides
  2. aAlpro soy drink, original, no added sugar
  3. bOboy chocolate drinking powder: sugar, 18% fat reduced cocoa, soy lecithin, dextrose, salt, vanilla
  4. cKungsörnen ideal wheat flour. 100% heat treated flour
  5. dSemper fine gluten-free mix: maize starch, rice flour, potato flour, modified potato starch, sugar