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Fig. 2

From: Prevalence of food hypersensitivity in relation to IgE sensitisation to common food allergens among the general adult population in West Sweden

Fig. 2

The prevalence of subjects with self-reported symptoms, IgE-sensitisation, and combination of self-reported symptoms with IgE sensitisation for the different common foods. Correspondence between symptoms and IgE-sensitisation using kappa-coefficients (κ < 0.2 for slight or poor agreement; κ 0.21–0.4 for fair agreement; κ 0.41–0.6 for moderate agreement; κ 0.61–0.8 for substantial agreement and κ 0.81–1 for almost perfect agreement). Dagger: Lactose intolerance symptoms excluded. Double dagger: Gluten intolerance symptoms excluded

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