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Table 1 Therapies to treat IgE-mediated allergic diseases

From: Anti-IgE therapy for IgE-mediated allergic diseases: from neutralizing IgE antibodies to eliminating IgE+ B cells

  Therapy Type Mechanism Phase References
Serum IgEneutralizization Immuno adsorption Plasma-pheresis Removal of Ig and immune complex from blood Marketed Schmidt [23]
Omalizumab Monoclonal antibody Bind Cε3 domain in heavy chain Fc of free IgE Marketed Chang [32]
CMAB007 Biosimilar of omalizumab Bind Cε3 domain in heavy chain Fc of free IgE Phase III
Local license
Bo Zhou [37]
Ligelizumab Monoclonal antibody Target Cε3 domain of IgE Phase II
Gauvreau [38]
MEDI4212 Monoclonal antibody Bind Cε3/Cε4 domain of IgE Phase I
Sheldon [41]
Recombinant ScFv Single-chain antibody Identify IgE, IgE-bound cells, and IgE-secreting cells Preclinical Lupinek [43]
IgE-effector cells Anti-FcεRI Fab-conjugated celastrol-loaded micelles Polymer Prevent IgE interaction with mast cells, and kill mast cells Preclinical Peng [48]
CTLA4Fcε Fusion protein Bind IgE receptors, FcεRI and FcεRII/CD23 Preclinical Perez-Witzke [51]
IgE + B cells Quilizumab Monoclonal antibody Target CεmX of IgE+ B cells Phase II
Harris [59]
Bsc-IgE/CD3 Monoclonal antibody Eliminate IgE+ target cells by redirected T cells Preclinical Talay [61]
XmAb7195 Monoclonal antibody Form complex with B cell IgE receptors and FcγRII β Phase I
Chu [66]