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Table 4 National guidelines that we were unable to formally assess

From: National clinical practice guidelines for food allergy and anaphylaxis: an international assessment

Name Country Year Reason for exclusion
Practice guidelines 2005: management of anaphylaxis Japan 2006 In Japanese
Allergies in the 1st life year. The allergy prevention guideline 2004 of the allergy prevention action alliance (abap) German 2005 In German
Anaphylaxis guideline—its incentives and pre-hospital care Japan 2016 In Japanese
Japanese guideline for food allergy 2012 specific type of food allergy Japan 2012 In Japanese
Japanese pediatric guideline for food allergy 2012] Japan 2012 In Japanese
JSA anaphylaxis guideline—importance of basic management and prevention Japan 2015 In Japanese
Practice guidelines for food allergy Japan 2012 In Japanese
New approach and recommendation in JAGL2007 (Japanese guideline for the diagnosis and treatment of allergic diseases 2007) Japan 2009 In Japanese
Evidence based recommendations for the diagnosis and management of cow’s milk allergy in Chinese infants China 2013 In Chinese