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Table 4 Items included in the questionnaire and results

From: Allergic respiratory disease (ARD), setting forth the basics: proposals of an expert consensus report

   Mean Median Interquartile range Above the median Result
17 ARD is characterized as an inflammatory process with a characteristic Th2-mediated response profile 8.08 8 1.5 5 Agreement
18 ARD is characterized by inflammation of both the upper and the lower respiratory tract, which may be of different intensity 8.35 8.5 1 0 Agreement
19 Bronchial hyperresponsiveness is observed in more than one-third of ARD patients who have clinical manifestations in the upper airway 8.13 8 1 2.5 Agreement
20 Although no single mechanism fully explains rhinitis-asthma inter-relationships, systemic spread of allergic inflammatory mediators is the most widely accepted pathway 6.55 7 1 30 Agreement
21 Functional impairment of the bronchial epithelium leads to increased susceptibility to infections and facilitates new allergic sensitizations in ARD patients 7.45 8 2 17.5 Agreement
22 The underlying pathophysiological changes are present all year long in ARD patients with only seasonal clinical manifestations, as a result of infections or exposure to environmental irritants 7.5 8 1 20 Agreement
23 Respiratory infections are usually more severe and last longer in ARD patients 7.05 8 1 22.5 Agreement
24 Clinical manifestations are determined mainly by environmental factors but also by genetic factors 6.7 7 3 30 Agreement
25 The presence and persistence of allergens account for the characteristics of clinical manifestations in ARD patients 7.15 7 1 22.5 Agreement
26 Allergen characteristics and type of exposure can partially determine whether rhinoconjunctivitis precedes asthma or both entities develop simultaneously 7.1 7 1 17.5 Agreement
27 Some allergens induce symptoms more frequently in the upper airway than in the lower airway 7.5 8 2 17.5 Agreement
28 Some airborne allergens are related to more severe forms of asthma 7.98 8.5 2 12.5 Agreement
29 In ARD patients, some allergens can cause worse quality of life than others owing to the characteristics of their exposure 7.85 8 2 10 Agreement
  1. Pathophysiology and Etiology