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Table 1 Demographic and clinical characteristics of adult participants

From: A qualitative study of the allergy testing experiences, views and preferences of adult patients

ID Age Sex Patient preference SPT versus blood test Occupation Presenting problems Previous allergy testing? (details, if known) Recent allergy testing
A1 17 M SPT Student Rhino-conjunctivitis Yes (SPT) Blood test
A2 27 F No preference Credit control analyst Suspected sea food allergy Yes (SPT) SPT
A3 31 M SPT Project manager Seasonal rhinitis Food allergies (egg and nuts) Yes (SPT & Blood test) SPT & Blood test
A4 23 F Blood test Secretary Venom anaphylaxis No Blood test
A5 31 M Blood test Financial advisor Churg-Strauss syndrome –rhinitis, polyps No SPT
A6 57 M SPT Director of engineering company Angioedema No SPT & Blood test
A7 31 M SPT Manual labourer Perennial rhino-conjunctivitis No SPT
A8 31 M SPT Barber Perennial and seasonal rhino-conjunctivitis Yes (SPT) SPT & Blood test
A9 77 F SPT Retired Suspected latex allergy No SPT
A10 32 F SPT Accounts manager Seasonal Rhinitis Oral allergy syndrome No SPT
A11 40 F SPT Freelance journalist Seasonal and perennial rhinitis No SPT
A12 75 F SPT Retired Suspected food allergy Yes (Blood test) SPT
A13 43 F SPT Graphic designer Seasonal and perennial rhinitis No SPT
A14 48 F SPT Children’s social worker Seasonal rhino-conjunctivitis No SPT
A15 44 F Blood test Nurse Perennial rhinitis No SPT
A16 60 F SPT Nurse Angioedema Yes (SPT & Blood test) SPT
A17 22 F SPT Student Asthma triggered by cat exposure No SPT
A18 42 F SPT Media/PR agency (3) Asthma and rhinitis Suspected sea food allergy No SPT & Blood test
A19 28 M SPT Chef Seasonal rhinitis Oral allergy syndrome Yes (SPT) SPT
A20 31 M SPT Political campaign officer Perennial rhino-conjunctivitis No SPT
A21 23 M SPT Retailer Difficult to control asthma No SPT and Blood test
A22 41 M Blood test Painter and decorator Asthma, suspected dog allergy No SPT & Blood test
A23 58 F No preference Voluntary financial work Anaphylaxis, suspected nut allergy Yes (SPT) SPT & Blood test