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Table 1 Foods more likely to contain high levels of natural or added sulphites, benzoates and monosodium glutamate

From: Sensitivity to food additives, vaso-active amines and salicylates: a review of the evidence

  Sulphites (E220–E227) [11, 17, 118, 119] Benzoates (E210–E219) [30, 31, 33, 119, 120] Monosodium glutamate (E621–E623, E627, E635) [49, 121]
Meat, poultry and seafood Prawns, lobster, dried salt cod, crab sticks, squid, meat burger, sausages Dishes with a spicy sauce, ready to eat meals containing benzoates Fish sauce
Milk and eggs   Yoghurt, cheese Parmesan cheese
Fruits Dried apricots, sultanas, figs, prunes, dates, dried banana, candied or glace fruit desiccated coconut, currants Cranberries, bilberries, prunes, papaya, dried fruit, avocado  
Vegetables, nuts, seeds and savoury snacks Dried mushrooms and other fungi, frozen, tinned or vacuum packed potatoes, French fries, instant mash, gnocchi, potato cakes, potato croquettes, vegetarian burgers and sausages, tinned asparagus, broad beans, French beans, chestnuts, walnuts Pumpkin, kidney beans, soy beans, soy flour, broccoli, spinach, baked beans in tomato/spicy sauce, dry roasted and spicy nuts, Bombay mix, crisps (except ready salted), potato or corn snacks, Mushrooms, spinach, savoury snacks, crisps
Condiments and miscellaneous Horseradish sauce, caramel colouring (E150) Curry powder, allspice, mixed spice, nutmeg, clove, cinnamon, chocolate, cocoa, ketchup, soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, salad dressing, salad cream, mayonnaise, jam, pickles Soups, stock, gravy, rubs, coatings, ready-meals, soy sauce, black bean sauce, oyster sauce, tomato sauce, miso, marmite, instant rice and noodle dishes
Drinks Cider, wine, beer, fruit squash and cordials, soft drinks, grape juice, fruit juice drinks, cola drinks Tea, squash, cordial, carbonated drinks, milkshake syrup, beer, ready-to-drink alcohol and mixers, spirits with added spices  
  1. Foods with added sulphite, benzoates and MSG will vary from country to country