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Table 2 Primary assessments of the ASSURE-CSU study

From: ASSURE-CSU: a real-world study of burden of disease in patients with symptomatic chronic spontaneous urticaria

Medical record data Patient-reported data
Demographic characteristics Impact of disease tools:
 • EQ-5D-3L
 • CU-Q2oL
 • AE-QoL (in patients with angioedema)
Baseline medical history Angioedema history and characterization
Treatment received for CSU/CIU Healthcare resource utilization (other than that recorded in charts, use of alternative medications and out-of-pocket expenses)
Duration of treatments Disease activity (UAS7)
Total healthcare resource utilization Work days and productivity loss (WPAI-SHP)
  1. EQ-5D-3L three-level EuroQoL-5D, DLQI Dermatology Life Quality Index, CU-Q2oL Chronic Urticaria Quality-of-Life Questionnaire, AE-QoL Angioedema Quality-of-Life Questionnaire, CSU chronic spontaneous urticaria, UAS7 Weekly Urticaria Activity Score, WPAI-SHP Work Productivity and Activity Impairment – Specific Health Problems