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Fig. 1

From: Use of a basophil activation test as a complementary diagnostic tool in the diagnosis of severe peanut allergy in adults

Fig. 1

a PLS-discriminant analysis score scatter plot showing the distinction of patients with severe allergy to peanuts (black dots, n = 47) from patients sensitized to peanuts (green diamonds, n = 22). All the healthy controls are clustered in the lower-left quadrant (red triangles, n = 22). b OPLS-discriminant analysis column loadings plot depicting the associations between patients with severe allergy to peanuts and patients sensitized to peanuts. The X-variables represented by a bar pointing in the same direction as severe allergy to peanuts (located to the far left) are positively associated. The OPLS-DA column plot is based on X-variables with VIP-values ≥0.83. R2Y indicates how well the variation of Y is explained, while Q2 indicates how well Y can be predicted

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