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Table 2 The number of patients with asthma and OAS (oral allergy syndrome) and the frequency of the most frequent gastrointestinal symptoms

From: Intestinal allergic inflammation in birch pollen allergic patients in relation to pollen season, IgE sensitization profile and gastrointestinal symptoms

  S (n = 20) NS (n = 12)  
Asthma 11 3  
OAS 12 6  
Gastrointestinal symptoms S (n = 20)
Pollen season-related symptoms    10
Symptoms all the time    10
Most frequent symptoms (%)
Abdominal distension    78
Gases    72
Stomach pain    44
Diarrhea    44
Constipation    33
Pain in the lower bowel    28
Bowel cramps    28
Pain relief with defecation    22
Burning sensation in esophagus    22
Nausea    11
Pain related to meal    11
  1. Median IgE values for pollen allergens and total IgE in the subjects included in the study are depicted. NS = no gastrointenstinal symptoms, S = with gastrointenstinal symptoms, C = healthy controls).