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Figure 3

From: The 11S globulin Sin a 2 from yellow mustard seeds shows IgE cross-reactivity with homologous counterparts from tree nuts and peanut

Figure 3

Alignment of sequences of allergenic 11S globulins. Yellow mustard seeds (Sin a 2), almond (Pru du 6), hazelnut (Cor a 9), pistachio (Pis v 2), walnut (Jug r 4) and peanut (Ara h 3) (UniProt accession numbers Q2TLW0, E3SH28, Q8W1C2, B7P073, Q2TPW5 and O82580, respectively). (−) for gaps. Residues conserved in all proteins are in black, and those conserved in at least 4 sequences are in grey. Underlined regions correspond to partially conserved amino acid sequences in the compared 11S globulins with the exception of Ara h 3. The sequences contained in the white square represent the additional segment of sequence enriched in Gly and Gln only presented in Sin a 2 and Pru du 6. Colored squares contain the five sequence regions previously described as IgE hot spots in 11S globulins. %I and %S, percentages of identity and similarity, respectively. Amino acid numbering for each sequence is given in the right margin.

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