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Table 2 Diagnostic testing in suspected carboplatin allergy

From: Modified protocol of omalizumab treatment to prevent carboplatin-induced drug hypersensitivity reactions: a case study

Time after initial diagnosis (years)6.59.51111.2
StatusPrior to 2nd series of carboplatin/paclitaxelPrior to 3rd series of carboplatin/paclitaxelAfter 3 cycles carboplatin monotherapy (4th series), 0x omalizumabAfter 6 cycles carboplatin (4th series) and 4x omalizumab*
Saline, diameter (mm)0000
Histamine, diameter (mm)9.547.56
Drugs tested: diameter of wheal in mm
 Carboplatin 0.01 mg/ml8.5060
 Carboplatin 0.1 mg/mlN/A076.5
 Carboplatin 1 mg/mlN/A4.57.55.5
 Paclitaxel 0.001 mg/ml0N/AN/AN/A
 Paclitaxel 0.01 mg/ml0N/AN/AN/A
 Paclitaxel 0.1 mg/ml0N/AN/AN/A
 Paclitaxel 1 mg/ml0N/AN/AN/A
 Cisplatin 0.01 mg/mlN/AN/A00
 Cisplatin 0.1 mg/mlN/AN/A00
 Cisplatin 1 mg/mlN/AN/A00
  1. Overview of intracutaneous testing for carboplatin and other chemotherapeutics. Positive results are shown in italics. Diameter = average of the length and width of the wheal, read 15–20 min after intracutaneous injection of the drug
  2. N/A not assessed
  3. * Skin tests were performed 8 weeks after the last omalizumab injection