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Table 7 Key messages

From: Treatment of allergic rhinitis during and outside the pollen season using mobile technology. A MASK study

1. What is already known about this topic? The MASK mHealth App has generated real-world evidence that has led to novel pharmacotherapy insights – for example, that patterns of treatment for allergic rhinitis do not always accord with guidelines.
2. What does this article add to our knowledge?
Results can be extended to both the estimated pollen season and the period outside. The study shows that rhinitis medications are equally effective during and outside the pollen season.
The baseline characteristics of the patients show that most users have moderate to severe rhinitis and that mHealth data may not be generalisable to all patients with allergic rhinitis
3. How does this study impact current management guidelines?
This paper confirms the importance of the MASK mHealth App in next-generation GRADE guidelines that embed real-world-evidence into the GRADE-based evidence.
The same treatment can be administered during and outside the pollen season