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Table 3 Resources and other clinic elements to support adolescents and young adults with allergy and asthma in the medical services across Europe

From: Current transition management of adolescents and young adults with allergy and asthma: a European survey

Resources N (%)
No specific resources 906 (76.8)
Consultation without parents present 300 (25.4)
Consultation letters are sent to paediatric or adult colleagues involved in individual patients’ care 289 (24.5)
Communication (emails, texts) addressed directly to the AYA (e.g. medical reports, appointments) 193 (16.4)
Transition report 165 (14.0)
Transition guideline for healthcare professionals 165 (14.0)
Joint transition clinics with the paediatric and adult services 104 (8.8)
Regular meetings involving paediatric and adult services in the field of allergy and pneumology 103 (8.7)
e-Learning materials 88 (7.5)
Workshops 84 (7.1)
Transition readiness assessment tool 64 (5.4)
Peer learning/peer support for patients 63 (5.3)
Phone hotline 56 (4.7)
Transition lead 48 (4.1)
Transition network 38 (3.2)
Webinars 33 (2.8)
Othersa 12 (1.0)
  1. AYA adolescent and young adult. Participants were allowed to select more than 1 answer
  2. aOthers: allergy nurse in the transition clinic; discussion about the transition process, adult clinic and self-management; disease- specific leaflets; referral to support groups/psychologist; email hotline; quality of life questionnaire; annual follow up. Results based on data from 1179 respondents