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Table 5 Medication use in subjects using nasal irrigation (active group) and in the control group, as assessed by the percentage of days on treatment and by the medication score

From: Effect of nasal irrigation on allergic rhinitis control in children; complementarity between CARAT and MASK outcomes

 Active (n: 55)Control (n: 23)p-value *
Percentage (%) of days on treatment0.005
 Median (25–75 percentile)26.9 (19.1–40.7)43.5 (31.0–61.2)
Medication scorea0.006
 Median (25–75 percentile)16.7 (10.7–25.0)25.7 (17.3–35.7)
  1. p-values < 0.05 are shown in italics
  2. aMedication score 0100 depending on the drugs taken
  3. * Wilcoxon’s rank-sum test