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Table 1 Conditions and comorbidies considered as contraindications to AIT, by Allergy Societies/Academies (in alphabetical order) and year of publication

From: Contraindications to immunotherapy: a global approach

  AAAAI-2011 ASCIA-1997 BSACI (SCIT)-2011 BSACI (VIT)-2011 CMICA-2011 DSA-2005 EAACI (SCIT)-2015 EAACI (SLIT)-2015 EAACI (VIT)-2015 FSACI-2011 German-speaking-2014 IFIACI (SCIT)-2014 IFIACI (VIT)-2014 JSA-2017 NSAI-2011 PTA (SLIT)-2016 SEIAC-2011 SFA-2003 SFFA-2009 WHO-1998
Lack of communication A    A   A R R R A A A A   R A   A A R
Start during pregnancy Ra R R R R R A A A R Aa Ab R A R R R R R R
Beta-blockers R A A R R Ac R R   Ac A R R A R A R A R R
ACE-inhibitors R    R R     R   Ad         R  
Antidepressants     R                 
Children < 5-6 yo   R A   R   Re Re Re    Ab A   R   R A Rb Rc
Elderly > 65 yo      R             R    
Cardiovascular diseases R   R   A A R R   Ac     R R A    A R
Uncontrolled asthma R R A A A A A A A A Ag A A A R A R A A R
Co-existing active diseases    A   A A R R R    R    R A     
Immunodeficiency    R R R A R R R A A A    R A R A A R
Autoimmunity   R R R R A Rf Rf Rf R R A R A R A R A A R
Immunosuppressive agents    R     R R R   A A       A   
Chronic infections       A R R R A    R    A    A  
Malignancy   R R R R A A A R A R A R A R A   A   
Dermatitis   R     R     R      R     R R
Temporary conditions            A R     R R    
Inadequate means/training   A   A                 
Anaphylaxis to AIT   A                   
  1. Acronyms of the Societies/Academies are explained in the “Abbreviations” section
  2. A: absolute contraindications or contraindications of major importance
  3. R: relative contraindications or special precautions/considerations
  4. aVIT can be initiated during pregnancy in isolated cases of life-threatening insect venom allergy
  5. bSCIT is contraindicated while SLIT is not
  6. cNot a contraindication for VIT
  7. dContraindicated for VIT
  8. eFor children < 2 yo it consists an absolute contraindication
  9. fFor autoimmune disorders in active form it consists an absolute contraindication
  10. gFollowing the German NVL (Nationale VersorgungsLeitlinie) for the definition of partially controlled asthma, it is mentioned that “AIT may be performed in children in case of partially controlled astma—provided they rarely experience asthma symptoms”