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Fig. 4

From: Subcutaneous immunotherapy with depigmented-polymerized allergen extracts: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Fig. 4

AIT with DPAEs compared with placebo at the time of primary analysis in original studies. Outcome: combined symptom and medication score (cSMS) calculated with daily measures from CSR. Four subgroups of asthma and rhinoconjunctivitis severity are delimited by solid and dashed lines. *Asthma classification: (0) Only intermittent asthma patients included; (1) Intermittent to mild persistent asthma patients included; (2) Intermittent to moderate persistent asthma patients included. **Rhinoconjunctivitis classification: (0) Any rhinoconjunctivitis severity included; (1) Moderate to severe rhinoconjunctivitis included. 95%CI: 95% confidence interval; m months, SD standard deviation, SMDs standardized mean differences

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