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Table 1 “Determinants of work-related asthma self-management (DReAM)” items (n = 221)

From: Psychosocial working conditions, asthma self-management at work and asthma morbidity: a cross-sectional study

Item Participants reporting adverse working conditions
n %a
In my everyday work, I am able to avoid allergens or other triggers that are relevant to me 163 74.1
Since my condition is invisible to others, I do not receive any support in managing my asthma in my everyday work 148 67.6
In my everyday work, I can take a break anytime if necessary for my asthma management 136 62.1
In my everyday work, I can go home early or stay home for one day without a sick note whenever I need to manage my asthma 127 58.3
In my everyday work, I can manage my asthma the way I need to because I can withdraw from others for my asthma management 125 57.3
In my everyday work, I am NOT able to manage my asthma as I need to, because there is nobody to take over my tasks 106 48.2
I feel accepted by my line-manager concerning my asthma and the related limitations 62 28.8
  1. aof eligible cases