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Table 4 Summary table of literature analysis, PICOT question 2: influence of device type for ICS therapy on asthma outcomes

From: Quality standards in respiratory real-life effectiveness research: the REal Life EVidence AssessmeNt Tool (RELEVANT): report from the Respiratory Effectiveness Group—European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology Task Force

ReferenceStatementType of data sourceFinal level of evidence (see Fig. 1)Possible impact on clinical practice (TF opinion)Similar evidence available from RCTs
Price et al. [60]One single device for maintenance treatment is better than mixed devices in terms of control and severe exacerbationsD-AModerateYesNo
Thomas et al. [62]Switching devices (DPI to pMDI or BAI or other DPI -BAI to pMDI or other BAI) is associated with poorer outcomesD-M-AModerateYesNo
Price et al. [61]pMDI > DPI to administer FP/SAL, in terms of asthma outcomesD-M-AModerateUncertain (cause?)No
Price et al. [34]BAI and DPI better than pMDI for several asthma outcomesD-AModerateUncertain (cause?)No
  1. DPI dry powder inhaler, BAI breath-actuated inhaler, pMDI pressurized metered-dose inhaler, FP fluticasone propionate, SAL salmeterol, D database, M matched, A adjusted, TF task force