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Table 1 The ICT solution

From: Guidance to 2018 good practice: ARIA digitally-enabled, integrated, person-centred care for rhinitis and asthma

App (MASK-air) deployed in 23 countries: TRL9 (Technology Readiness level), Electronic clinical decision support system (ARIA e-CDSS): TRL 7, e-physician questionnaire deployed in 16 countries: TRL9
MASK-air good practice [1, 14]
  5-year work
  App: 26,000 users, 23 countries, 17 languages
  GDPR including geolocation [105]
  GP of the EIP on AHA, follows CHRODIS [14]
  Based on 11 EU grants (MeDALL [106], GA2LEN [107]) including—in 2018—POLLAR [4], VIGOUR, DigitalHealthEurope and Euriphi
  From a validated “research”  tool (2004-2018) to large scale deployment (2019–)
    Validation with COSMIN guidelines [40]
    Baseline characteristics [12]
    Work productivity [41, 42]
    EQ-5D [43]
    Novel phenotypes of allergic diseases [44]
    Adherence to treatment and novel approaches to inform the efficacy of treatment [45].
  Patient’s organizations and scientific societies involved
  GARD (WHO alliance)
  Presented during WHO and EU ministerial meetings
  Next-generation care pathways meeting (Dec 3, 2018) with the EIP on AHA, POLLAR (EIT Health) and GARD
  47 MASK papers in 12 languages [99, 108, 109]
  Dissemination according to the EIP on AHA [26]
Transfer of innovation (TWINNING [110])
  Interoperable platform with MASK
  25 RS plus Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Mexico [99, 108, 109]
  700 patients enrolled
  GDPR solutions being solved
ARIA e-CDSS [9, 111]
  Interoperable platform with MASK
  Based on an expert meeting
  Electronic version available
  GDPR solutions being solved
  App for home services
  App for sleep
  App for COPD
  App for other chronic diseases