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Table 2 Recent findings on T cells and cytokines in canine atopic dermatitis

From: Atopic dermatitis in cats and dogs: a difficult disease for animals and owners

Cytokine/cell Function
IL-31 Important role in atopic pruritus [167]. Its serum concentration correlates with the severity of active skin lesions [168]
IL-13 Induces production of PO in keratinocytes and fibroblasts, associated with chronicity of skin lesions and their deterioration [1]
IL-25 Increased in PO-stimulated keratinocytes [1], clinical relevance unclear. In a murine asthma model relevant for Th2-mediated immunity, contributes to a decreased epidermal barrier function in human AD [169,170,171]
IL-33 Upregulated in chronic lesional skin, similar to atopic humans [172]
CD 34+ cells Increase in peripheral blood, unclear clinical relevance [173]
CD4+ CD25+ FoxP3+ cells Significantly higher percentage in peripheral blood and correlated with severity of AD [174]