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Fig. 7

From: Does clinical outcome of birch pollen immunotherapy relate to induction of blocking antibodies preventing IgE from allergen binding? A pilot study monitoring responses during first year of AIT

Fig. 7

Inhibition of IgE-Bet v 1 binding during AIT and in control sera. Inhibition assays and correlation of complex destruction with RTSS are given for FAB (a, b), inhibition mediator release assays with T0 serum of each patient (c, d) and indicator serum pool (e, f) used as reference for therapy-induced antibodies to inhibit IgE-allergen binding. Statistics were performed with Friedman test and Dunn’s post test. *p < 0.05, ***p < 0.001. Serum of AIT patients (P1–P5) were obtained at three different time points (T0, open; T1, semi-filled; T2, filled symbols)

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