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Table 1 Published cases of omalizumab use in urticarial vasculitis

From: Normocomplementaemic urticarial vasculitis: effective treatment with omalizumab

References Details Age (years) Complement levels Systemic symptoms Omalizumab Effect of omalizumab
Frequency (weeks) Dose (mg)
Del Pozo et al. [7] Female with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) 51 Normal C3, low C4 Arthralgia (SLE) Unknown, based on weight and IgE level Partial resolution after 3 × doses
Varricchi et al. [8] Female with Churg-Strauss syndrome (CSS) 44 Unknown Asthma (CSS) 2 300 Complete, immediate resolution
Diez et al. [2] Female 51 Normal No 4 150 Complete resolution after 4–5 doses, relapse on cessation
  Female 54 Unknown No 4 150
  Female 28 Normal No 4 300 Complete immediate resolution, relapse on cessation
Sussman et al. [3] Unspecified adult   Unknown Unknown 2 150 Complete resolution
Kai et al. [6] Unspecified adult   Normal No 4 150 Response, relapse on cessation
Ghazanfar et al. [4] Male 68 Unknown No 4 300 Complete resolution
Aurich et al. [9] Female 36 Low C3 and C4 Nephrotic syndrome 4 300–600 No response over 19 months
Nucera et al. [10] Female 47 Low C3 (0.17 g/L), normal C1q and anti C1q No major organ dysfunction but arthralgia/abdominal pain 4 300 Complete resolution after 2nd injection. Complement levels returned to normal. Relapse on treatment cessation