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Fig. 3

From: Rapid onset of action and reduced nasal hyperreactivity: new targets in allergic rhinitis management

Fig. 3

Modifed from Krohn et al. 2017 [49]

Effect of MP-AzeFlu on nasal-hyperreactivity induced by cold dry air provocation. Nasal hyper-reactivity assessed by a PNIF (peak nasal inspiratory flow), b T5SS (total of 5 symptom scores) and c VAS (visual analogue scale) at day 7 (V1) and day 28 (V2) post-treatment. MP-AzeFlu (MP-azelastine/fluticasone propionate; Dymista®; 1 spray/nostril bd; 137 μg/50 μg). CDA: cold dry air. *p < 0.001 vs Day 1; ** p < 0.0001 vs Day 1; † p=0.03 vs placebo; ‡ p=0.003 vs placebo.

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