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Table 2 Critical appraisal of included systematic reviews (N = 17)

From: Allergen immunotherapy for allergic rhinoconjunctivitis: a systematic overview of systematic reviews

References Focused question Inclusion of appropriate studies Inclusion of eligible studies Quality assessment of studies Appropriateness of synthesis Overall results of review Applicability to local populations Considering all relevant outcomes Benefits versus harms/costs Overall quality assessment
Calderon et al. [25] n/a High
Di Bona et al. [27] n/a High
Di Bona et al. [26] X n/a n/a Moderate
Dranitsaris et al. [37] Unclear Unclear n/a Low
Dretzke et al. [36] n/a High
Erekosima et al. [22] n/a n/a Moderate
Feng et al. [23] n/a High
Hoeks et al. [30]           
Kim et al. [35] n/a Moderate
Lin et al. [28] n/a Moderate
Meadows et al. [34] n/a High
Purkey et al. [24] n/a High
Radulovic et al. [29] n/a High
Roder et al. [38] Unclear Unclear n/a n/a Low
Sopo et al. [32] n/a n/a High
Wilson et al. [31] Unclear Unclear Unclear n/a Low
Zhang et al.[33] Unclear n/a n/a Moderate