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Table 2 Targets and potential treatments according to the specific endotypes and phenotypes

From: Endotype-driven treatment in chronic upper airway diseases

Endotypes-targets Allergic rhinitis Idiopathic rhinitis Infectious rhinitis CRSwNP CRSsNP
Type 2 inflammation
IgE Omalizumab (sc/iv)    Omalizumab (sc)  
Legelizumab    Legelizumab  
Ml prime mIgE Quilizumab    Quilizumab  
IL-5 Mepolizumab    Mepolizumab (iv)  
Reslizumab    Reslizumab (sc)  
IL-5Ra Benralizumab    Benralizumab  
IL-4/13 Dupilumab    Dupilumab (sc)  
CRTH2 OC000459 (po)    OC000459  
BI 671800 (po)    BI671800  
GATA-3 GATA-3 spec.DNAzyme    GATA-3 spec.DNAzyme  
Siglec-8 AK001     
Non-type 2 inflammation
Neutrophilic inflammation      
Th17/Th22    Brodalumab   Brodalumab
Neurogenic endotype
TRPV1   Capsaicin (in)
SB-705498 (IN)
Barrier dysfunction
  1. IN intranasal; IV intravenous; po per os; sc subcutaneous