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Table 1 Diagnostic summary of allergy tests

From: Three cases of anaphylaxis following injection of a depot corticosteroid with evidence of IgE sensitization to macrogols rather than the active steroid

SPT Tested substance Concentration (%) Case 1 Case 2 Case 3
Corticosteroids Solu-MedrolR 100 neg neg neg
Depo-MedrolR* 100 4 mm neg neg
DiprophosR* 100 nt nt neg
Macrogols Macrogol 300 100 neg neg neg
Macrogol 400 100 neg neg neg
Macrogol 3000 100 neg neg neg
Macrogol 6000 100 7 mm neg 5.5 mm
Macrogol 20,000 0.01 neg 5 mm nt
Macrogol 20,000 0.1 neg 9.5 mm nt
Macrogol 20,000 1 neg nt nt
Macrogol 20,000 10 neg nt nt
Laxative Movicol juniorR* 100 5 mm neg neg
Movicol juniorR* 10 3 mm neg nt
Movicol juniorR* 1 neg neg nt
HR test Solu-MedrolR   neg neg nt
Depo-MedrolR*   neg neg neg
DiprophosR*   neg neg nt
Macrogol 300   neg neg neg
Macrogol 400   neg neg neg
Macrogol 3000   neg neg neg
Macrogol 6000   neg neg neg
Movicol juniorR*   neg neg neg
Challenge Lidocain (subcutaneous)   neg nt neg
Movicol juniorR* (peroral)   pos pos neg
Solu-MedrolR (intravenous)   neg neg neg
  1. Underline indicates a positive test
  2. Pos positive, neg negative, nt not tested, HR test: Histamin release test
  3. * Contains macrogol 3350, 100% Movicol junior ~104 mg/ml