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Table 3 Comparison of different DBPCFC evaluation criteria

From: Standardization of double blind placebo controlled food challenge with soy within a multicentre trial

  EuroPrevall [28; from 2015] PRACTALL [8, from 2012] This trial (2008)
Scoring Objective signs absent/present
Subjective symptoms: persistent > 45 min
Objective signs and subjective symptoms 0 = absent, 1 = mild, 2 = moderate, 3 = severe Objective signs: present/absent
Subjective symptoms: VAS (0–10 cm)
Skin/mucosa Blisters of oral mucosa (O)
Skin flushing (O)
Urticaria (O)
Angioedema (O)
Conjunctivitis (O)
Itching of palms, soles head (S)
Pruritus (S)
Urticaria/angioedema (O)
Rash (O)
O1 Intraoral swelling/blistering
O2 Flush
O3 Urticaria
O4 Angioedema
O5 Conjunctivitis
S1 Intraoral tingling/itching
S2 Perceived lip swelling
S3 Itching skin/eye/nose
Upper respiratory tract Rhinitis (O) Sneezing/itching (S/O) O6 Rhinitis
S3 Itching nose
Lower respiratory tract Drop of FEV1 > 12% or drop of PEF > 20% (O)
Laryngeal edema (O)
Wheezing (O)
Laryngeal (O)
O7 Peak flow reduction > 20%
S5 Dyspnea
Gastrointestinal tract Diarrhea (O)
Emesis (S)
Severe gastric/abdominal pain (S)
Itchy mouth/throat, nausea, pain (S)
emesis, diarrhea (O)
O10 Diarrhea, vomiting
S4 Dysphagia
S6 Nausea
S7 Abdominal pain
Cardiovascular/neurological system Drop of BP > 20 mmHg (O) Heart rate increase or drop in blood pressure, dizziness, unconsciousness (O/S) O8 Drop of BP > 20 mmHg
O9 Increase of heart rate > 20%
S8 Dizziness
  1. S subjective, O objective, BP blood pressure