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Fig. 2

From: Standardization of double blind placebo controlled food challenge with soy within a multicentre trial

Fig. 2

Objective signs at lowest objective sign dose to soy and to placebo challenge meals. 138 subjects underwent DBPCFC, 82/138 were DBPCFC +. At soy challenge, 51/138 (24/82 DBPCFC+) patients had no objective signs and 9/82 DBPCFC+ presented with more than one sign. At placebo challenge, 71/138 (71/82 DBPCFC+) had no objective signs. Urt, urticaria; AED, angioedema; PEFR, peak flow reduction > 20%; BPD, drop of blood pressure > 20 mmHg; HRI, heart rate increase > 20%; GIT, gastrointestinal symptoms

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