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Table 3 Summary of utility values applied to patients in the analysis

From: Cost utility analysis of the SQ® HDM SLIT-tablet in house dust mite allergic asthma patients in a German setting

Utility at baseline—all patients Change from baseline Utility adopted in analysis
Placebo ACARIZAX p value Placebo ACARIZAX
0.736 0.0059 0.0315 0.0318 0.742 0.768
  1. Within MT-04 patient utility was measured using the SF-36 survey instrument. There was a statistically significant difference in utility change (i.e. a measurement of patient quality of life) from baseline to the end of the treatment maintenance period in MT-04 between ACARIZAX and placebo (p < 0.05). These values were applied to the mean utility score at baseline for all patients, to estimate the values that were applied at baseline in the analysis. Overall, ACARIZAX patients had a greater quality of life compared to placebo patients, at the end of the treatment maintenance period