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Table 2 Summary of cost and resource use inputs incorporated in the analysis

From: Cost utility analysis of the SQ® HDM SLIT-tablet in house dust mite allergic asthma patients in a German setting

Resource Unit price Annual resource use Total cost
ACARIZAX Pharmacotherapy ACARIZAX Pharmacotherapy
ACARIZAX tableta €2.53 365 0 €923 €0
GP visitsb €29.35 0.175 0.105 €5.13 €3.07
Emergency room visitsb €74.96 0.010 0.025 €0.75 €1.89
ICS daily dose (μg)c €18.14 563 555 €373 €363
SABA intake (doses)c €22.15 266 297 €9.82 €10.96
  1. Three drugs and two other medical resources were included as parameters in the analysis. Resource use was based on data recorded in MT-04 and, therefore, they relate specifically to allergic asthma patients. The values have been multiplied by the unit price of each resource to generate total costs. These costs were applied to a one year period, and applied equally across all years in the analysis (with costs also discounted at 3 % per year in line with German guidelines)
  2. aSource:
  3. bSource:
  4. cSource: