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Table 7 AIRWAYS ICPs 2014 events

From: Scaling up strategies of the chronic respiratory disease programme of the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (Action Plan B3: Area 5)

Date Location Event and goals
27-02 Newcastle (UK) Launch of AIRWAYS ICPs by Dr. M Bewick, Deputy National Medical Director of NHS England, [12]
12-05 Athens (Greece) AIRWAYS ICPs was presented to the EIP on AHA
09-06 Copenhagen (Denmark) European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI). A symposium was organized (1000 participants) and a working meeting held immediately after: AIRWAYS ICPs and MACVIA–ARIA [26]
17-08 Bahia (Brazil) WHO GARD annual meeting. Presentation of AIRWAYS ICPs and MACVIA–ARIA to the GARD members and WHO. Acceptance of AIRWAYS ICPs to strengthen the 2013–2020 Noncommunicable Diseases WHO Action Plan [86, 87]
16-09 Rotterdam (NL) Annual meeting of the European Union Geriatric Medicine Society (EUGMS): Presidential lecture on AIRWAYS (T Strandberg, President of the Society)
09-10 Dubrovnik (Croatia) Annual meeting of the Croatian Respiratory Society. AIRWAYS ICPs and MACVIA–ARIA were presented (M Niculinic, President of the Society)
16-10 Rome (Italy) The Italian Presidency of the European Union Council has made chronic respiratory diseases one of the priorities. A GARD Italy meeting was held at the Ministry of Health. AIRWAYS ICPs was presented among other projects to be included in the Priority
20-10 Montpellier (France) The Region Languedoc Roussillon (in collaboration with the region North England and the EIP on AHA Reference Site Collaborative Network) invited one member from each Reference Site to scale up AIRWAYS ICPs. The Collaborative Network decided to include AIRWAYS ICPs in its priorities for scaling up and implementation (M Bewick, R Pengelly, Secretary of State of Northern Ireland) [28, 29]
05-11 Salzburg (Austria) Annual meeting of the Austrian Allergy Society
07-11 Guangzhou (China) Annual meeting: Discussion for the deployment of AIRWAYS ICPs and MACVIA–ARIA in China (NS Zhong, former President of the Chinese Medical Association) [88]
20-11 Oslo (Norway) Commitments for Action Oslo, Helsinki and Montpellier (K Lodrup Carlsen, T Haahtela, JB). The agreement for the deployment of the Finnish Allergy Programme in Norway was discussed at the Ministry of Health [43]