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Table 1 Priority areas and action plans of the EIP on AHA

From: Scaling up strategies of the chronic respiratory disease programme of the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (Action Plan B3: Area 5)

Priority areas Action plans
Prevention of diseases and health promotion  
 A1 Innovative ways to ensure that patients adhere to their treatment
 A2 Innovative solutions for personalised health management, with focus on falls prevention
 A3 Action for preventing functional decline and frailty, with a particular focus on malnutrition
Care and cure  
 B3 Scaling up and replication of successful innovative integrated care models for CD amongst older patients, such as through remote monitoring
Active and independent living of older adults  
 C2 Improving the uptake of interoperable independent living solutions including guidelines for business models
Horizontal topics  
 D4 Networking and knowledge sharing on innovation for age-friendly environments