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Fig. 1

From: Milk: a postnatal imprinting system stabilizing FoxP3 expression and regulatory T cell differentiation

Fig. 1

Synoptic working model for milk-induced FoxP3 expression and regulatory T cell (Treg) differentiation. The transcription factors FoxO1, FoxO3a, SMAD3 and STAT3 all enhance FoxP3 expression. Milk exosomal microRNAs and TGFβ attenuate DNA methyltransferase (DNMT) expression promoting TSDR demethylation (AAs: amino acids; ω3-FAs; ω-3 fatty acids; HMO: human milk oligosaccacharides; I: insulin; IGF1: insulin-like growth factor-1; miRs: microRNA-148a, microRNA-29, microRNA-21; mTORC1: mechanistic target of rapamycin complex 1; TGFβ: transforming growth factor-β; STAT3: signal transducer and activator of transcription 3; TSDR: Treg-specific demethylated region)

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