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Fig. 2

From: Human in vitro induced T regulatory cells and memory T cells share common demethylation of specific FOXP3 promoter region

Fig. 2

RT-PCR quantification of FOXP3 promoter and TSDR demethylation in CD4 T cell subpopulations. Culture of naïve CD4 T cells for 7 days with IL-2 and CD3/CD28 stimulation induced the demethylation of the FOXP3 promoter in the presence of TGF-β and/or retinoic acid (iTregs) but not with medium alone (a). FOXP3 promoter demethylation in absence of TSDR demethylation was also found to be a hallmark of CD45RA−CD25−CD4+ memory T cells and CD45RA−CD25lowCD4+ “Treg-like” T conventional cells, but not of CD45RA+CD62L+CD4+ naïve or CD45RA+CD62L−CD4+ effector T cells (b)

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