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Table 1 Expression of IL-33 in different cells/tissues

From: The role of IL-33 and mast cells in allergy and inflammation

Species Expression Specific cell/tissue References
Human Transcript Human epithelial cells (A549) [32]
Human Transcript Macrophage [5]
Human Transcript and protein Human adult cardiac fibroblasts (HACF) and human adult cardiac myocytes (HACM) [68]
Human Transcript and protein Airway smooth muscle (ASM), bronchial epithelium [62]
Human Transcript and protein Pancreas [69]
Human Protein Mast cell [62]
Human Protein Endothelial cells and epithelial cells, Lymphoid tissues, keratinocytes and stomach (epithelial cells) [7]
Human Protein Fibroblast [70]
Human Protein Skin [71]
Mice Transcript Macrophage [5]
Mice Transcript Glial cells, astrocytes [1]
Mice Transcript Murine lung epithelial cells (MLE-15) [32]
Mice Transcript Central nervous system [4]
Mice Transcript Lungs [32]
Mice Transcript and protein Eye and cervical lymph nodes (CLNs) [72]
Mice Transcript and protein Pancreas [69]
Mice Protein Dendritic cells [73]
Mice Protein Alveolar epithelial and endothelial cells [32]
Mice Protein Bronchoalveolar lavages [32]