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Fig. 3

From: Use of a basophil activation test as a complementary diagnostic tool in the diagnosis of severe peanut allergy in adults

Fig. 3

The median BAT AC50-value (50 % of maximal basophil stimulation) for (a) peanut, (b) soy and (c) birch allergen extract in the basophil activation test. PA, patients with severe peanut allergy; PS, peanut-sensitized patients; C, healthy controls. d-e Gating strategy for flow cytometry. d Basophils are gated as SSC low and CD203c positive. e Using the negative control sample, a gate for non-stimulated basophils is set as CD63 low. Cells in Q3 are considered to be non-activated basophils and cells in Q2 are considered to be activated basophils

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