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Table 1 Like atopic humans some domestic animals may have a higher genetic risk to develop allergies

From: Pollen Allergies in Humans and their Dogs, Cats and Horses: Differences and Similarities

Dogs [ 19 - 21 ] Cats [ 41 ] Horses [ 60 ]
Retrievers (Labrador, Golden) Abyssinian cat Dutch Warmblood
Setters (English, Irish) Devon rex cat Morgan
Terriers (Boston, Cairn, Fox, Sealyham, Scottish, West Highland White, Wheaton)   Swedish Warmblood
Bulldog (French)   Oldenburg
Boxer   Hackney horse
Cocker Spaniel   Paso fino
Collie   Polish Arabian
Foxhound   Arab/Saddlebred cross
Lhasa Apso   
Miniature Schnauzer Pug   
Rhodesian ridgeback   
Shar Peis   
  1. Most important atopic breeds are illustrated in Figure 3.