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Figure 2

From: Prolonged efficacy of the 300IR 5-grass pollen tablet up to 2 years after treatment cessation, as measured by a recommended daily combined score

Figure 2

Repeated measures analysis of covariance of the DCS (A), DRTSS (B) and DRMS (C) per year of the study (FAS Year 1–5 ). ap < 0.0001, bp < 0.0005, cp < 0.001, dp < 0.005, ep < 0.01, fp < 0.05 for comparison vs placebo. DCS, daily combined score; DRMS, daily rescue medication score; DRTSS, daily rhinoconjunctivitis total symptom score; FAS, full analysis set; IR, index of reactivity; LS, least squares; SE, standard error.

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