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Figure 5

From: Influence of the route of exposure and the matrix on the sensitisation potency of a major cows’ milk allergen

Figure 5

Cytokine secretion by reactivated splenocytes. At the end of the protocol, mice from groups pre-exposed by the cutaneous route and further gavaged with milk in the presence (□) or in the absence (■) of CT were sacrificed. Systemic specific cytokine secretion was assessed after ex vivo restimulation of splenocytes with 20 μg of BLG. IL-4, IL-13 and IL-5 were assayed using mouse cytokine kit and BioPlex apparatus (Biorad) following manufacturer’s instructions. Specific secretion was calculated by subtraction of non-specific secretion induced by ovalbumin. No statistical analysis was performed as results were obtained from pooled organs.

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