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Table 2 Data integration

From: Allergic sensitization: screening methods

Enzyme activity Variant/ class In vivo data Computational Innate immune responses Adaptive immune responses
   Animal Human B cell T cell Barrier function (mg/ml) Cilia beating (mg/ml) Recovery Cytokine profile (mg/ml) Genomic profile DC maturation DC migration T cell priming
Protease 1 Animals Epitope lists available 0.01 0.01 no 0.001 Analysis in progress Analysis in progress   Epitopes identified
Guinea pig, Rat, Mouse Serological data
Overlaps and differences identified
  2 0.1 0.1 no 0.1  
  3 10 10 yes 10   
Immunochemical characterization
Amylase A Epitope lists available 10 10 yes    
  B No effect No effect --    
Overlaps and differences identified
Clinical studies, Occupational data
Serological data
Others (Lipase)    Epitope lists available No effect No effect --