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Table 1 Baseline clinical characteristics

From: Benefits of using heated egg (HE) in the management of egg allergy

Gender 32 male/18 female
Mean age (y;range) 5.7 (0.5-16)
History of immediate reaction 50 (28 anaphylaxys, 13 cutaneous, 9 gastrointestinal)
Mean SPT to ovomucoid (OVM) and raw egg white (EW) (mm; range) OVM: 7.39 (0-18.5)
EW: 10.7 (5.5-18.5)
Mean OVM and EW sIgE levels (KU/L; range) OVM: 8.86 (0.1-100)
EW: 11.53 (0.1-100)