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Figure 2

From: The protein structure determines the sensitizing capacity of Brazil nut 2S albumin (Ber e1) in a rat food allergy model

Figure 2

IgE antibody responses as measured by PCA upon intra- gastric or i. p. sensitization. 2S albumin and 2S albumin-R-specific IgE as measured by PCA tests were determined upon daily intragastric dosing of BN rats (n = 10) with water, 0.1 mg and 1 mg 2S albumin or 2S albumin-R per rat for 42 days or after i.p. sensitization (n = 5; day 28 sera), respectively. Data are given as the individual measured wheal diameter in cm (□) for each rat. Statistical differences between oral dosing groups or between i.p. dosing groups are depicted (**p < 05, ***p < 0.001).

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