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Figure 1

From: Inhaled corticosteroid treatment for 6 months was not sufficient to normalize phagocytosis in asthmatic children

Figure 1

In vitro evaluation of the phagocytic indices of monocytes (left) and neutrophils (right) in individuals with mild persistent asthma (mPA), moderate persistent asthma (MPA) and severe persistent asthma (SPA) before treatment and in normal control children using 2.5×105yeast cells per well. For the top panels, sensitized yeasts were used. For the bottom panels, non-sensitized yeasts were used. Statistical analyses showed that the median value of all groups of asthmatic children was lower than that of the healthy control children; however, no difference was observed between the groups with mild, moderate and severe persistent asthma (Kruskal-Wallis test followed by the Dunn’s method). The data are expressed as the median, quartile and extreme, and outlier values are marked.

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