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Figure 4

From: A qPCR-based metric of Th2 airway inflammation in asthma

Figure 4

Predictive performance of three-gene-mean and other markers of Th2 inflammation for 8 week ICS response. Receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curves were made to assess the ability of the three-gene-mean and other markers to predict an improvement in FEV1 after 8 weeks of ICS. Improvement in FEV1 was defined as an increase of at least 200 ml and 12% relative to week 0. A. ROC curves for baseline measurements of the three-gene-mean (labeled “TGM”), FeNO, blood eosinophils, total serum IgE, and PC20 to methacholine in the primary cohort. Six out of 22 subjects had an improvement in FEV1. B. ROC curves for the secondary cohort to validate the findings in panel A. Four out of 15 subjects had an improvement in FEV1. In both panels, the line of unity is represented by a dashed gray line, corresponding to an AUC of 0.5.

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